Installation Guide

Storage and Handling

It is essential that Bodyguard products are kept dry and stored in a dry environment away from damp ground, until installed.

At the warehouse Bodyguard product should be stored and protected in its packaged form within a roofed building that provides complete weather protection.

At the job site and prior to installation Bodyguard product must remain dry at all times by storing completely under cover and clear of the ground, however the product protection should allow the wood to breathe.

Keeping the product clean and dry during warehousing and job site storage is an important element in achieving a quality and visually appealing finished result.

Removing Bodyguard product wrap

When Bodyguard products are stored on site within an enclosed building some odor could be detected.

It will be minimal and will quickly disperse by simply ventilating the area by opening doors and windows.

On site practices

All sawdust and construction debris should be cleaned up and disposed of after construction.

Do not use treated wood under circumstances where the preservative may become a component of food or animal feed. Examples of such sites would be cutting boards, counter tops, animal bedding, and structures or containers for storing animal feed or human food.

Do not use treated wood for construction of those portions of beehives which may come into contact with honey.


Dispose of treated wood off-cuts and sawdust by ordinary trash collection.

Treated wood should not be burned in open fires or in stoves, fireplaces, or residential boilers. Treated wood from commercial or industrial use (e.g., construction sites) may be burned only in commercial or industrial incinerators or boilers in accordance with State and Federal regulations.