The bodyguard system

30-Year Warranty

30-year limited warranty against insects or decay.

Bodyguard products are proudly supported in all USA States, by a 30-year limited warranty against fungal decay/rot and insect attack (termites).

Where any Bodyguard product used in its recommended application becomes structurally unserviceable within 30 years of purchase due to rot, fungal degrade or termite attack, replacement material will be provided by the manufacturer. Replacement is for material only and is exclusive of product removal, installation and all other consequential processes including painting and painting materials. This warranty is applicable to all original consumer purchasers or ‘first owners’.

To qualify for the Bodyguard 30-year limited warranty, the ‘first-owner’ must be the recorded owner of the property at the time the Bodyguard wood products are installed by the builder or contractor.

The Bodyguard warranty is not transferable from the first-owner to subsequent owners of the property. Proof of purchase, in the form of a dated sales invoice and a Bodyguard end-tag will be required to validate any claim against this warranty. This warranty is subject to certain terms and conditions, including:

  • Adherence to Building Codes and Standards.
  • Adherence to Hazard Class practices.
  • Adherence to use of an End Sealer for cuts, nail and drill holes at time of installation.
  • Normal movement of materials caused by climate change is not covered under this warranty.

To make a claim under the terms of this warranty, send a photograph and a description of the damage, along with the Bodyguard end-tag for each piece of wood claimed to have been damaged and a copy of the original purchase invoice to Bodyguard Wood Products Ltd.

For further information concerning these terms and conditions please consult your registered Bodyguard supplier or distributor.

For best performance and results, please ensure that you follow all of the recommendations as set out in the Bodyguard Technical Manual. This notice does not constitute the legal warranty. For full details of the warranty, please contact us.

Limited 12-month primer warranty

12-month limited warranty on the primer paint following installation and exposure

The Bodyguard range of exterior timber products are treated to the American Wood Preservers Association (AWPA)* classification code of category UC3A (coated, but not in contact with the ground) and have a two-coat, machine applied, alkyd primer system covering all surfaces. Alkyd primers are more resistant to moisture penetration and are particularly suited to coastal environments.

Although it is recommended that Bodyguard products have the finishing paint system applied as soon as practicable after installation, the primer’s durability is guaranteed for a period of twelve months following installation and exposure to the elements.

This warranty is limited to primer paint REPLACEMENT and is exclusive of application and all other consequential processes and/or coatings.

The primer warranty is also contingent on adherence to the paint manufacturers finishing coat surface preparation specifications or requirements, including ongoing maintenance.

While Bodyguard has no control over subsequent finishing paint application, our coating partners PPG Industries (MonarchTM, OlympicTM, PorterTM, Manor HallTM, and Pittsburgh PaintsTM products) may offer extended warranties based on adherence to their own application guidelines. Details of these warranties are available from your paint supplier. These warranties are separate to the substrate or primer warranties. For warranty limitations, contact us.


For full details on these warranties, and their related disclaimers, please contact us.

Dimensional stability is a critical wood property for cladding, joinery and exterior millwork and trim board use.